Judgements and Orders 2010 to 2017


QIS Trucking Ltd. CSO January 2010 ($1,000 fine and $5,000 to Jakefish Lake Management Association to publicize how environment is harmed by unauthorized shoreline alteration. May have been published in the publication of the association.)

Enviro-Serv CSO February 2010 ($10,000 fine and not allowed to handle hazardous waste for 3 years)

Nasrullah Hassanali CSO February 2010 ($3,000 fine and CSO stop order not to handle or store hazardous waste for 3 years)

Quartz Land & Developments Ltd CSO May 2010 ($38,000 fine and $42,000 to Ducks Unlimited for community service order to restore the Mika project near Stettler, wetland restoration)

Quartz Land & Development Ltd. CSO Final report Nov 2011

Stuve, Ross CSO May 2010 ($100 fine, public apology Red Deer Advocate and 200 hours for volunteer Red Deer)

Dunvegan Gardens 2010 Press Release

Dunvegan Gardens (AB) Ltd. CSO May 2010-1 ($5,000 fine and $5,000 to develop training information about the importance of getting a water license for Alberta Farm Fresh Producers Association).

Harvest Operations Corp. CSO June 2010 ($21,000 fine and $49,000 for Ducks Unlimited for a Wetland Restoration Project)

Petenco Resources Ltd. CSO August 2010 ($22,500 fine and $22,500 to Ducks Unlimited for a Romaine Wetland Conservation Project on the Blindman River).

Petenco Resources Ltd. CSO Final report Feb 2011 (1)

Syncrude Canada Ltd. CSO October 2010 ($2.45 million award including $1.3 million for Avian project at University of Alberta, $900,000 Alberta Conservation Association to acquire Golden Ranches habitat, $250,000 to Keyano College for a Wildlife Management Technician Program.)

Syncrude Canada Ltd CSO ACA Final report March 2011

Syncrude Canada Ltd CSO RAPP Final report April 2014

Syncrude Canada Ltd CSO Keyano College Final report April 2014

Jovnic Inc. CSO May 2011 ($20,000 fine and $168,365 to University of Alberta for sturgeon Research, to North Sturgeon Anglers Council $11, 635 for both are conducting research on endangered sturgeon. Reported funding from Alberta Environment)

Owen Watkins presentation on Sturgeon http://www.ualberta.ca/~ahamann/teaching/renr480/projects2010/Owen_Watkins.html

Canessco Services Inc. CSO August 2011 ($2,000 fine and $8,000 to Edmonton School Board to arrange a centralized pick up place for the Board’s hazardous waste)

Custom Vacuum Services Ltd. CSO August 2011 ($10,000 fine plus publishing the facts, Heavy Truck Trader, The Western Canada Highway News, $20,000 Stars Ambulance, for a Criminal Code violation in addition to Hub Oil. (Contributors Stars Donors 2011)

Tiger Calcium Services Inc. CSO August 2011 ($25,000 fine and $75,000 for Institute for Health Economics Mental Health in the Workplace Training)

Devon Canada Corporation CSO August 2011-1 ($25,000 fine plus $60,000 for bursary at Olds College for residents of Clearwater County applying for a two-year Land and Water environmental program)

Smith’s Service (Lougheed) Ltd. CSO December 2011 ($3,718 fine plus $16,282 to Flagstaff Regional Solid Waste Management association for a Household Hazardous Waste Facility)

Statoil Canada Ltd CSO Financial report Jan 2013  ($185,000 for industry-sponsored website to share best practices. This went to org via the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers.)

Statoil Canada Ltd CSO Financial report Jan 2013

Baker, Harold CSO December 2012 (Fine not sure? and $1,981.25 for costs to extinguish the fire)

All-Can Engineering and Surveys Ltd. CSO June 2012 ($10,000 fine and $40,000 to U of C Business for Regulatory Compliance Project)

McColman_StatementofFacts_2013 2 ($30,000 fine and 3-year stop order, required to remove waste, monitor surface water)

Grizzly Oil Sands ULC CSO March 2013($9, 312 fine plus $90, 688 to Alberta Innovates (part of Alberta Environment) to grow native plants., wetland plan propagation )

Mather, Dale CSO April 2013 ($15,000 Streambed Management Program, Gull Lake Water Quality Management Society +$5,000 fine)

Buoy, Brian David CSO May 2013 (apology in ESAA Weekly newsletter plus stop order)

Ulliac_CreativeSentenceOrder 2 Ulliac, Jason Denis CSO May 2013 ($9,000 to River Watch, plus no APEGA plus apology in ESAA Weekly News newsletter, no text provided)

Brown, Stephen Brownstone Environmental Services Ltd. CSO June 2013 (forged a Water License, $9,000 River Watch plus Apology in ESAA Weekly News)

Stephen Brown CSO Final Report June 2015 (1)

Diversified Transportation Ltd. CSO October 2013-1 ($32, 000 to Crime Stoppers Association for Edmonton and NA, to pay for operating costs)

Morozoff, Gordon and A Little Piece of Travers CSO October 2013 (land must be surveyed and reclamation finished with specific prairie seed mix)

Daysland Welding Ltd. CSO January 2014-1 ($10,000 fine for false info and necessary establishing standards for risk management petroleum storage tank sites)

Plains Midstream Canada ULC CSOs July 2014-1 ($225,000 fine and $225,000 for Alberta Conservation Association, Peace River Conservation Habitat project)

Mixcor Aggregates.pdf 2014 ($90,000 fine plus Alberta Sand and Gravel Association newsletters, statement of facts but no apology, specific text given in Appendix A. )

67. Permolex Ltd.  ($100,000 to The City of Red Deer water assessment done by ISL Engineering) (no CSO easily available)

Permolex Ltd CSO Final report Jan 2015

Permolex Ltd. CSO Financial statement Feb 2015

SonicOilfiedLtdFiledCSO-Mar-2015 ($50,000 fine, and $200,000 to City of Medicine Hat for a mobile educational tool about Safe Waste Mobile Application Project disposal)


Seaholm Stop Order Aug 6 2015 (Stop Order to stop applying pesticides to aircraft) What part of this is a creative sentence? can we find a CSO for him?)

Peter J. Greenways, August 2015, $7,500 of Alberta Environment, of a poster describing how to handle spills and had a statements and apology on the back of it

Centennial Zinc Plating Ltd. – Reasons for Judgment – February 20, 2004 (Fine of $50,000 and $7,500 for posters with his story on the back: very, very wearing, wife told him he was a zombie he was so preoccupied)

Canadian Natural Resources Ltd.  CNRLcso1-June24-2016 (1) CNRL-2010-AgreedFacts-Jun2016 2 June 24, 2016 Hydrogen Sulphide Release (50,000 Fine and $300,000 to the University of Calgary, Dr. Sheldon Roth and Dr. Adam Legge to study air emissions in the Fort MacKay area. Note: total project cost is $400,000). CNRL-2010-AgreedFacts-Jun2016 (1)

Canadian Natural Resources Ltd. CNRLcso2-June24-2016 2(Fine plus $125,000 to the University of Calgary, Dr. Sheldon Roth to study air emissions in the Fort MacKay area)  CNRL-2010-AgreedFacts-Jun2016 2

Sept. 30 2016 Apache 2104 201609-02_CreativeSentencingOrder_EPEA_Apache_2014-009 2 (Fined 422,922.50 under EPEA, $305, 000 creative sentence to Alberta Innovates, Technology Futures to enhance science of remediating salt-affected soil) “The court ordered Apache to pay a total of $350 000 in penalties; $160 000 for the Zama City release and $190 000 for the release northwest of Whitecourt. A portion of the penalties ($305 077.50) will be used for a creative sentencing project in which Alberta Innovates – Technology Futures will look to enhance the science of remediating salt-affected soil. Creative sentencing provides the court with a range of options to address the harm caused by an offence and to prevent future offences. The remaining $44 922.50 is a court-ordered fine.”Apache 201609-01_AgreedStatementofFacts_Apache_2013-005 2 Zama City, 201609-02_and AgreedStatementofFacts_Apache_2014-009 2 Whitecourt, Swan Hills

Press Release AER Apache pleads guilty after two pipeline failures

CanadianNationalRailwayCompanyCSO-June 2, 2017 ($110,000 to Edmonton and Area Land Trust Association)

CNBissellAgreedFacts-May-2017 2  Agreed Statement of Facts ]

201706-04_CreativeSentencingOrderwithappendices_EPEA_PrairieMines_Obed_2013-006 (1)

Fine of $192,000 under EPEA plus creative sentence of 383,000 to University of Alberta for a Dam Safety Research Project and XX and $373,000 to the AER for an Environmental Education for Indigenous Youth Project with AER to contract organizations: mentioned are Yellow Head Tribal College, Rupert Island Institute, Blue Quills University, University of Alberta Faculty of Education, Alberta Innovates, Athabasca University, Basin Research Institute.

Prairie Mines Creative Sentencing Order – Fisheries Act filed June 9, 2017  Count 1. $100,000 fine under the Fisheries Act plus creative sentence of $1,650, 000 to the Environmental Damages Fund. Count 2. $100,000 under Fisheries Act plus $500,000 Environmental Damages Fund, $1, 150,000 to University of Alberta for the East Slopes Fisheries Habitat and Native Fish Recovery Research Fund plus $615, 715 court costs for experts.

Prairie Mines and Royalty Creative Sentence May 2018 Update 2

OrkinCanadaCorporationCSO-August-2017 2 (Fine of $20,00 under EPEA, and $25,000 of that “diverted” to Lakeland College for a National Manual  for structural pesticide applications (Also fined under the Pesticide Control Act)

OrkinAgreedFacts-Aug-2017 2

WestFraserMillsLtdCSO-Nov-2017 ($10,000 fine plus $240,000 to Edmonton Telus World of Science for Air Quality Exhibit in Hinton and Edmonton, and teacher training modules for air quality for grade school kids) WestFraserAgreedFacts-Nov-2017 (1) 2

Dockman-EPEA-CS-PRO-Dec12-2017 2(Michael Louis Dockman repeatedly violated protection orders and water laws for the community of Sharp Hills, Alta. He was fined $70,000 plus given a creative sentence of 3 year prohibition and forbidden from operating a wastewater facility, being employed by a waserwater facility or having a controlling interest in a wastewater facility). Sentencing Decision Dockman-EPEA-SentencingDecision-Dec12-2017 (1) (and this one is a doozy)



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