Judgements and Orders 2005 to 2009



33. Fear, Brian CSO January 2005 (fine of $1,000 and not allowed to handle hazardous wastes  or recyclables for two years)

34. The Manderley Corporation CSOs April 2005 copy (4 creative sentencing orders for sod for Salisbury Composite Athletic field $15,307 fields “benefit of general public, centennial park, sod to 10 Habitat for Humanity Projects, Village of Andrew Centennial Park, City of Ft. Saskatchewan Mowatt Soccer Pitch.

35. Hub Oil Company Ltd. CSO June 2005, $100,000 for two Memorial Scholarships at SAIT in names of deceased Ryan Eckhart and Ryan Silver, and $100,000 education trust fund for children of victims. Probation order under federal environmental legislation.

36. Fabian, Patrick o.a. Fabian Seed Farms CSO July 2005 (Fine of $3,450 plus $2,700 for costs of expert evidence and analyzing samples for Alberta Environment)

37. Terravest Industries Inc. CSO September 2005 ($5,000 fine plus $15,000 plus Hazmat Quick Response Cargo Trailer)

38. AAA Petroleum Contracting Limited CSO October 2005 (1) ($5,000 fine. $15,000 for Nose Creek Endowment Award at SAIT. Note: Just listed as Nose Creek $560 award without company name)

39. Norm’s Tank Rentals Ltd. CSO March 2006-1 ($10,000 penalty for $40,000 for Frame 30 Production Ltd. to publicize reporting obligations for small oil services companies in Northern Alberta, with communication division of Alberta Environment)

40. Mountain View Regional Water Services Commission CSO December 2005-2 ($1,000 fine and $100,000 (check) for consultant Exceed Management from Vancouver to bring Anthony Henday Water Treatment Plant up to ISO 14001 Environment Management System)

41. Hillsight Vegetables Inc. CSO December 2005 ($10,000 fine plus $89,960.60 of turnips and transportation to the Edmonton Food Bank)

42. EnCana Corportation CSO January 2006 ($10,000 fine, $39,402 for dvds and training manuals for new operators, Alberta Waste and Waste Water Operators Association, and $200,000 to Keyano College for a community based Environmental Technician Program)

43. Imperial Oil Limited CSO September 2006 ($20,000 fine and $120,000 to Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Edmonton for van, equipment supplies for injured animals, and $20,000 to Alberta EcoTrust Foundation for the Riverwatch Program)

44. P.A. Singer Transport Ltd. CSO February 2007-1 ($6,000 fine and $1,000 public apology in the Calgary Herald)

45. ConocoPhillips Canada Resources Corp March 2007 ($20,000 fine and $200,000 to University of Saskatchewan Dr. Cheryl Waldner for Western Canada Study for Animal Health Effects Associated with Exposure to oil and gas Emissions.)

46. Habraken Farms Ltd. CSO May 2007 (Fine of $25,000 and $25,000 Trust Fund for Lethbridge College Aquaculture Centre of Excellence, for study of Floating aquatic Plantwater hyancith to reduce nutrients and improve water quality in sewage lagoons in dugouts)

47. Suncor Energy Inc. CSO April 2009 ($315,000 to U of C Regulatory Compliance Project and $75,000 for Firebag River Scholarships scholarships at Keyano College)

Suncor Agreed Statement of Facts – Firebag

48. Suncor Millennium & Compass Group Canada (2009) CSO Final report May 2012 (1) ($300,000 to Alberta Waste and Waster Water Operators Association to update operator course materials, finance new water scholarship, subsidize operator training and seminar.

49. Canadian National Railway Company CSOs May 2009 ($280,000 to NAIT Development of Community Response Plan, no financial Award noted and $20,000 to Alberta Fire Chiefs Association will fund seminars on Emergency Response)



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