Judgements and Orders 2000 to 2004

13. Geon Canada Inc. CSO May 2000 ($25,000 for five $5,000 scholarships in air pollution at U of A Faculty of Engineering)

14. Steadman, Lynn and Air Agro Ltd. CSO May 2000 (Two years no pesticides for Steadman and Air Agro Ltd., $2,500 to Lakeland College for the pesticide program (unspecified)

15. City of Calgary CSO August 2000 (had to bring Bearspaw Water Treatment plant up to IS01400 standard and present to Waste Water Association Annual Conference, Oct. 2001)

16. Hall, David CSO October 2000 (public apology, Alberta Game Warden Magazine and $192 for analytics, 200 hours of community service)

17. Chem-Security (Alberta) Ltd. CSOs February 2001 ($150,000 to Public Works and Government Services Canada for a game meat analysis program in Public Works Trust Fund) (there was as a second part to this as aboriginal groups requested)

18. RHK Hydraulic Cylinder Services Inc. CSO March 2001($50,000 fine and esimated co to spend $50,000 to bring standards to compliance)

19. Fero Corporation CSO August 2001 ($10,000 fine and $10,000 for consultant to help had to exceed regulatory requirements for hazardous waste storage and training for staff, and produce written reports, needs assessment and action plan)

20. New Sunrise Dairies Ltd CSOs May 2001-1 ($10,000 to NAIT, international seminar on environmental awareness, student presentation on environment at NAIT)

21. 2001 – Dominion Chrome Industries, Dominion Chrome Industries CSO Final report February 2003 ($5,000 fine plus $40,000 $83,600 in engineering fees for environmental management system)

HBA Consultants Ltd. CSO October 2001

22. The Governors of the University of Calgary CSO February 2002 ($75,000 fine plus $75,000 trust account to produce multi media training for ice-based facility safety by the University’s award winning multi media team and available on the website and widely advertised to communities in the province free of charge)

23. Quarry Ridge Golf Centre Ltd. CSOs March 2002 ($5,000 penalty and $5,000 for holding golf ponds for storage capacity for golf course in dry months)

24. City of Edmonton CSO April 2002 ($5,000 fine, plus $190,000 to Faculty of Engineering, Alberta, for ‘alternative industrial applications of effluent’.

25. Future Ford Sales Ltd. CSO August 2002-1 ($4,106 fine, plus $10,000 to Alberta Conservation Association for unspecified projects)

26. Prime West Energy 2003 ($25,000 fine plus $75,000 to Alberta Stream Watch Conservation Coalition, part of Trout Unlimited for  habitat restoration, Falls Creek Reclamation Project)

27. Canadian 88 Energy Corp. CSO July 2004 (equal amounts for Mount Royal College, University of Calgary and University of Alberta)

27. 964405 Alberta Ltd. CSO July 2004 ($1,000 fine and 3 years no pesticide usage)

28. Canadian 88 Energy Corp. CSO July 2003 (Multiple fines plus $3,000 to Alberta Environment for analyzing samples and $67,500 for Environmental Damages fund (federal) (Research soils/Mount Royal College $30,281?)

29. Danadam Consulting Ltd. Colin Mowatt CSO January 2004-1 (public apology in Edmonton Examiner and 200 hours community service at Edmonton Attendance Centre)

30. Guillevin International Co. Gir Hydraulics CSOs March 2004 ($5,000 fine, $15,000 for training materials)

31. Buffalo Airways Ltd. CSO erratum May 2004

31. Buffalo Airways Ltd. CSO May 2004 ($10,000 and course on aircraft stripping for no less than 10 people)

32. Hartline Industries Ltd. (Leonard Hudson) CSO August 2004 ($1,000 and public apology in Spruce Grove Examiner and Stony Plain Reporter)

Centennial Zinc Plating Ltd. – Reasons for Judgment – February 20, 2004 (Fine of $50,000 and $7,500 for posters with his story on the back: very, very wearing, wife told him he was a zombie he was so preoccupied)



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