Judgements and Orders 1993 to 1999

1. Prospec Chemicals Ltd. January 1996-1 (bring standards up to ISO 14000)

2. Quasar Bottle Depot Johal, Harjinder and RJS Investments Inc. aka CSO Nov 1996 (public apology in Edmonton Journal $1,200)

3. Dow Chemical Canada CSOs November 1996-1 ($75,000 for ELC, $75,000 for U of A air pollution research project, Faculty of Engineering)

4. Inland Cement Ltd. CSO December 1996 ($100,000 for U of A scholarship in Air Pollution, Faculty of Engineering)

5. Vincekovic, Antun CSO July 1997 (publish apology in Edmonton Journal)

6. Cutbank Trucking Ltd. CSO December 1997 ($15,000 for Canadian Association of Agri Retailers for training workers to handle ammonia and toxic chemical)

7. Cool Spring Dairy Farms Ltd. and Hans Mullink CSO May 1998 ($50,000 fine, stop order, written report on operating safely)

8. Van Waters & Rogers Ltd. CSO June 1998 ($50,000 for not compliance with the order and retaining a firm to conduct 6 audits, $10,000 to Product Steward Ship Fund of Canadian Association of Chemical Distributors) for training member employees in responsible handling)

9. Western Feedlots Ltd. CSO October 1998 ($60,000 for Ducks Unlimited Canada for Environmental Improvement Avian Project in botulism control, Stobart Lake near Strathmore)

10. Wonnacott, Spencer Troy CSO November 1998 (public apology in the Didsbury Review and 200 hours community service on toxic clean up day in the county of Parkland)

11. Agrium Inc. CSO March 1999 ($75,000 to U of A Faculty of Engineering for nitrous oxide emissions reduction program)

12. Aero Paint Canada Inc. CSO March 1999 (Not Clear. Looks like a training manual. No money cited. Construct secondary containment for barrels with hazardous waste)

13. Chem-Security (Alberta) Ltd. CSOs February 2001 (case was 1998) ($175,000 to U of A Faculty of Medicine to build a risk assessment and risk communication project Master’s and PhD Project through environmental and health sciences)


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